Windhoek Rural is one of the Constituencies in Khomas Region. The Windhoek Rural Constituency is the biggest among the ten constituencies of Khomas    Region in terms of land size.  According to 2011 population census, Windhoek Rural Constituency population size was 22 254.
The constituency is largely of a freehold area covered by large scale cattle ranching commercial farms, which leaves government/local authorities having control of only 5.8% of land area. This leaves 94.2% of the land in the hands of private individuals and companies. The animals kept are mainly cattle, goats and sheep.

The constituency experience summer rainfall within the month of December to April, with the remaining seven months of the year having the dry climatic conditions, the average annual rainfall is about 250 – 450mm. Some part of the constituency faces water shortage during dry seasons. Apart from farming, commercial farmers also engage on other agricultural and hunting activities.This constituency contains all settlements in the Khomas Region that are outside the city of Windhoek. The current Regional Councillor for Windhoek Rural Constituency is Hon.  Piet P. Adams, who took over from  Hon. Penina Inga Ita in 2020.



Schools & Clinics in Windhoek Rural Constituency

  • 1) Schools
    • Groot Aub Junior Secondary School
    • Groot Aub Primary School
    • Kwakwas Primary School
    • Baumgartz Brunn Primary School
    • Nicolas Witbooi Memorial Primary School
    • Bloukrans Primary School
    • Aris Primary School
    • Dordabis Primary School
  • 2) Clinics
    • Groot Aub Clinic
    • Dordabis Clinic and
    • Baumgartz Brunn Clinic 
Windhoek Rural: Settlements

This constituency contains all settlements in the Khomas Region that are outside the city of Windhoek, among them:
  • Aris
  • Brakwater
  • Dordabis
  • Mix camp
  • Nauchas
  • Nina
  • Seeis
  • Solitaire

The main economic activity in this constituency is farming and related work like gardening, seed production, and firewood collection; 90% of the area consists of commercial farms

Councillor of Windhoek Rural Constituency


             Hon. Piet P. Adams

             Regional Councillor
             Windhoek Rural Constituency

Windhoek Rural

Mineral : Windhoek Rural 

                        Copper specimen from Ogonja Mine