Windhoek west is the constituency which covers Windhoek North, Windhoek West, Dorado Park, Dorado Valley, Khomasdal Proper, Hochland Park, Pioneers Park, Academia, Cimbabecia and Rocky Crest with over 53,000 inhabitants, the office is situated in Strauss Street, Windhoek west and it was officially inaugurated by the late minister of Regional Local Government and housing, Hon. John Pandeni on the 7th October 2006.

Health centres which can be found in the constituency, Rhino Park Private Hospital, Windhoek Central Hospital, Khomas Medical Centre, Khomas Medical Services (behind park food), Edison Clinic, Cancer Association of Namibia and many private doctors consulting rooms.Government schools that are found, Van Rhyn Primary School, Khomas High School, School for hearing impaired, Elim Primary School, Rocky Crest Primary School, Tanben College, Pioneer Boys School, Orban Primary School, Jan Mohr Secondary School, Highlands Chris School, Emma Hoogenhout Primary School, Hochland High, Combretan Trust Secondary School, Gandhi Primary School, Concordia College School, Windhoek International School, Pioneers Primary School, Constantia Primary School, Academia Secondary School, Windhoek Technical School, David Bezuidenhoud.

What makes the Constituency unique is the that all main tertiary institutions are found in Windhoek West Constituency and they are: UNAM, UNAM Northern Campus (former Windhoek College), Windhoek Vocation Training Centre, UTS and IUM. Windhoek West is a suburb of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. Its population is 38,969. The Polytechnic of Namibia is located in Windhoek-West.. Electorally, Windhoek West is located in the Windhoek West constituency. The current Regional Councillor for Windhoek West  Constituency is Hon.  Emma Tangi Muteka (MP), who took over from Hon. George Trepper, in 2020. 


Schools & Clinics in Windhoek West Constituency

  • 1) Schools
    • Acacia Secondary School

    • Academia Secondary School
    • All Nations Christian Primary School
    • Amazing Kids Private School
    • Cimbebasia Primary School
    • Concordia College
    • Combretum Trust School
    • Dr. Rita Johnson Elementary
    • Dorado Pre & Primary School
    • Emma Hoogenhout Primary School
    • Hochland Christian Academy
    • Hochland High School
    • Herman Gmeiner Primary School
    • Highlands Christian Primary School
    • Pionierspark Primary School
    • Jan Mohr High School
    • Jan Mohr Project School
    • Moreson School
    • NISE: Visually Impaired
    • NISE:Hearing Impaired
    • Pionier Boys' School
    • Rocky Crest Primary School
    • Rocky Crest High School
    • Sunshine Private School
    • Tanben College
    • Van Rhyn Primary School
    • Windhoek Christian Academy
    • Windhoek Central Primary School
    • Windhoek International School
    • Windhoek Technical High School
  • 2) Clinics
    • No clinics in this constituency 

Councillor of Windhoek West Constituency


               Hon. Emma T. Muteka

               Regional Councillor
               Windhoek West Constituency
               Member of Parliament

Windhoek West 

Windhoek West Constituency (yellow) in the Khomas Region (dark grey)