Samora Machel Constituency (formerly known as Wanaheda) is a constituency in the Khomas Region of Namibia. The constituency is located across four northern suburbs of Windhoek: Wanaheda, Greenwell Matongo, Goreangab, and part of Havana. As of 2010 it had 32,000 inhabitants. 
Most of the residents of this constituency are formally unemployed and derive their income from informal employment and small enterprises like shebeens and car washes. The impact of HIV/AIDS is high. 
The area which made up the constituency was named Wanaheda during colonial times and continued to be called it following its independence in 1990. It is an acronym for 'Wambos, Namas, Hereros and Damaras' In 2003, following governmental and public recommendations, it was renamed in honour of Mozambican President Samora Machel. The current Regional  Councillor for Samora Machel Constituency is Hon. Nestor Kalola, since 2020.

Schools & Clinics in Samora Machel Constituency.

  • 1) Schools
    • Martii Atisaari Primary School
  • 2) Clinics
    • No clinics in this constituency
Councillor of Samora Machel Constituency


                        Hon  Nestor Kalola

                        Regional Councillor
                        Samora Machel Constituency
                        Member of Management Committee

Samora Machel