Khomasdal is a constituency in Windhoek in the Khomas Region of Namibia. Its population is 26,621. The constituency consists of parts of the suburbs Khomasdal, Katutura, and Otjomuise. 
The first councillor of this constituency was Karel Persendt. Hon. Samuel Opotuli Angolo is the current Regional Councillor for Khomasdal Constituency. 


Schools & Clinics in Khomasdal Constituency


  • 1) Schools 
    • Ella Du Plessis High School
    • Agustineum High School
    • Eldorado High School
    • St. Andrews Primary School
    • Khomasdal Primary School
    • Michelle McClean Primary School
    • Chairman Mou Ze-Dhong (State of the Art) High School
    • Khomas-Tura High School
    • Gammams Primary School
    • Emma Greef Primary School
    • Elim Primary School
    • Otjomuise Primary & Secondary School

  • 2)Clinics)
    • Otjomuise Clinic
    • Khomasdal Clinic
  • 3)Police Station
    • Otjomuise Police Stationnic

Councillor of Khomasdal Constituency


                 Hon. Samuel Opotuli Angolo

                 Regional Councillor
                 Khomasdal Constituency
                 Member of Management Committee