Micro Finance Scheme (MFS)
  • MFS aims at promoting entrepreneurship. establishment and employment creation in rural areas.
  • Provide financial  support to entrepreneurs.
  • Build capacity of rural entrepreneurs.
  • Generate income for beneficiaries.  
  • Available project is announced through appropriate media channel.
  • Application are done on prescribed forms and are considered by the Constituency Development Committee.
  • Approval is done by the Regional Council through a Regional Technical Committee.

Support for MFS
  • An agreement is entered into between the Region council and the beneficiary for three years.
  • The Regional Council provides Material,  Technical and Financial support.
  • Financial support between N$ 10,000.00 and N$70,000.00
  • Financial support is given in two ways, 90%  of the total amount in material form and 10%in cash to cover administration cost.
  • Regional Council conduct regular consultation with project members and report on progress
  • Monitoring and Evaluation will continues for three years.

Target Groups
  • All Namibian residing in rural areas from the age of 18.
  • People living with disability.
  • Vulnerable group
  • Sun Community and other Marginalised group

Targeted Projects
  • Agriculture
  • Craft
  • Mining
  • Tourism
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality 

Current Rural Development Programme