John Pandeni Constituency

John Alphons Pandeni Constituency is located within the City of Windhoek boundaries. It is formed up of the following locations: Grys Block, Soweto, Maroella, Fredomland and a small part of Wanahenda

The Constituency is inhabited by a population size of Fifteen Thousand One Hundred and Twenty One (15 121) people according to the 2011 National Census results. In 2008, it was renamed after John Pandeni, a member of the South West Africa People's Organization and its militant wing, the People's Liberation Army of Namibia. Pandeni was the first regional councilor for the former Soweto constituency and the first governor of Khomas. This constituency is inside the city of Windhoek in the formerly all-Black suburb of Katutura. The constituency office is located at the corner of Abraham Mashengo street and Independence Avenue.

The current Regional Councillor for John Pandeni Constituency is Hon. Shaalukeni John Moonde, who is also the Chairperson of the Khomas Regional Council, taking over from Hon. Rakel Jacob in 2020.

Moses !Garoeb Constituency

Moses !Garoeb Constituency is the name of an electoral Constituency in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. It was created in 2003 at the recommendation of the Third Delimitation Commission, which suggested that the constituency of Hakahana be split. Since then, the suburb of Hakahana falls into two different constituencies.

In 2008, the Constituency was named after the politician Moses !Garoeb. The eastern part of Hakahana is now called Tobias Hainyeko constituency, after politician Tobias Hainyeko. As of 2010 Moses !Garoëb constituency has 25 642 inhabitants.

The current Regional Councillor for Moses !Garoeb Constituency is Hon. Stefanus Ndengu since 2023, following the passing of Hon. Venonya in October 2022. 

Katutura Central Constituency

Katutura Central is a Constituency in the Khomas Region of Namibia, comprising the extensions 2-5 and 7-11 of the suburb Katutura. In 2010 its population was 21,243. Katutura is a township within Windhoek that was founded by the then apartheid government of Namibia for black people in the 1950s, when the previous township, Old Location, was converted into the suburb Hochland Park. The majority of households in this constituency are headed by women. 74% of the employed residents work for other people (as gardeners or house keepers) instead of for companies.

The current Regional Councillor for Katutura Central Constituency is Hon. Vezemba Rodman Katjaimo, who took over from Hon. Ambrosius Kandjii in 2020.

Katutura East Constituency

Katutura East is a Constituency in the Khomas Region of Namibia. Its population is 17,737. It consists of the extensions 1, 6, and 19 of the suburb Katutura, a township within Windhoek that was founded by the then Apartheid government of Namibia for black people in the 1950s.The first councillor of Katutura East was Gabriel Ithete who was succeeded by Elina Ndapuka  in 2004.

The current Regional Councillor for Katutura East Constituency is Hon. Richard !Gaoseb (MP), who took over from Hon.  Ruben Sheehama in 2020.

Khomasdal Constituency

Khomasdal is a Constituency in Windhoek in the Khomas Region of Namibia. Its population is 26,621. The Constituency consists of parts of the suburbs Khomasdal, Katutura, and Otjomuise. The first councillor of this Constituency was Karel Persendt. In 1998, Margaret Mensah-Williams took over from him.

The current Councillor for  Khomasdal Constituency is Hon. Samuel Angolo, who took over from Hon.  Margret Mensah-Williams in 2020.

Windhoek East Constituency

Windhoek East is a Constituency in the Khomas Region of Namibia. It consists of the upper-class suburbs of Windhoek: Auasblick, Avis, Klein Windhoek, Ludwigsdorf, Luxury Hill, Olympia, and Suiderhof. As of 2010, its population is 12.674. Windhoek East is the most affluent constituency of Windhoek, most embassies, private schools, private medical facilities, and shopping malls are located here, and the education rate of the inhabitants is high. All its roads are tarred.

The current Regional Councillor for Windhoek East is Hon. Brian K. Black, who took over from Joyce Nangula Namuhuja in 2020. 

Windhoek West Constituency

Windhoek west is the Constituency which covers Windhoek North, Windhoek West, Dorado Park, Dorado Valley, Khomasdal Proper, Hochland Park, Pioneers Park, Academia, Cimbabecia and Rocky Crest with over 53,000 inhabitants, the office is situated in Strauss Street, Windhoek west and it was officially inaugurated by the late minister of Regional Local Government and housing, Hon. John Pandeni on the 7th October 2006.

Health centres  found in this Constituency, are such as Rhino Park Private Hospital, Windhoek Central Hospital, Khomas Medical Centre, Khomas Medical Services (behind park food), Edison Clinic, Cancer Association of Namibia and many private doctors consulting rooms.

Government schools located in the Constituency are, such as Van Rhyn Primary School, Khomas High School, School for hearing impaired, Elim Primary School, Rocky Crest Primary School, Tanben College, Pioneer Boys School, Orban Primary School, Jan Mohr Secondary School, Highlands Chris School, Emma Hoogenhout Primary School, Hochland High, Combretan Trust Secondary School, Gandhi Primary School, Concordia College School, Windhoek International School, Pioneers Primary School, Constantia Primary School, Academia Secondary School, Windhoek Technical School, and David Bezuidenhoud.

What makes the constituency unique is that all main tertiary institutions are found in the Windhoek West Constituency, namely:

The University of Namibia (UNAM), UNAM Khomasdal Campus,  Windhoek Vocational Training Centre (WVTC), Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), and  the International University of Management (IUM), amongst others.

The Regional Councillor for Windhoek West Constituency is Hon. Emma T. Muteka, who took over from Hon. George Trepper in 2020.

Windhoek Rural Constituency

Windhoek Rural is one of the Constituencies in Khomas Region. The Windhoek Rural Constituency is the biggest among the ten (10) constituencies of Khomas   Region, in terms of land size.  According to the  2011 population census, Windhoek Rural Constituency population size was 22 254.

The Constituency is largely of a freehold area, covered by large scale cattle ranching commercial farms, which leaves the government/local authorities with  control of only 5.8% of the land area. This leaves 94.2% of the land in the hands of private individuals and companies. The animals bred there are mainly cattle, goats and sheep.

The Constituency experiences summer rainfall within the month of December to April, with the remaining seven months of the year having the dry climatic conditions, the average annual rainfall is about 250 – 450mm. Some parts of the constituency face water shortage during dry seasons. Apart from farming, commercial farmers also engage on other agricultural and hunting activities.

The current Regional  Councillor for Windhoek Rural Constituency is Hon. Piet P. Adams, who took over from Hon. Penina Inga Ita in 2020.

Tobias Hainyeko Constituency

Tobias Hainyeko is a Constituency in Katutura, Windhoek, Khomas Region, Namibia. The Constituency was created from the eastern portion of the Hakahana Constituency, as part of splitting measures by the Third Delimitation Commission of Namibia, a body that infrequently decides on the administrative division of the country, in 2003. The western portion was named Moses !Garoeb Constituency.

The current Regional Councillor for  Tobias Hainyeko Constituency is Hon. Christopher Likuwa, since 2015.


Samora Machel Constituency

Samora Machel  (formerly known as Wanaheda) is a Constituency in the Khomas Region of Namibia. The Constituency is located across four northern suburbs of Windhoek: Wanaheda, Greenwell Matongo, Goreangab, and part of Havana. As of 2010, it had 32,000 inhabitants. 

Most of the residents of this Constituency are formally unemployed and derive their income from informal employment and small enterprises like shebeens and car washes. The impact of HIV/AIDS is high. The area which made up the Constituency was named Wanaheda during colonial times and continued to be called so, following the independence in 1990. It is an acronym for 'Wambos, Namas, Hereros and Damaras', in 2003, following governmental and public recommendations, it was renamed in honour of Mozambican President Samora Machel.

The current Regional  Councillor for Samora Machel Constituency is Hon. Nestor Kalola, who took over from Hon. Fanuel Shivute in 2020.