Windhoek East is a constituency in the Khomas Region of Namibia. It consists of the upper-class suburbs of Windhoek: Auasblick, Avis, Klein Windhoek, Ludwigsdorf, Luxury Hill, Olympia, and Suiderhof. As of 2010 its population is 12.674.Windhoek East is the most affluent constituency of Windhoek, most embassies, private schools, private medical facilities, and shopping malls are located here, and the education rate of the inhabitants is high. All its roads are tarred. There is a concerning crime rate but the offenders come from other constituencies. It thus acknowledge the support of the government offices/Ministries, NGOs and other development partner and stakeholders.
The Councillor for Windhoek East is Hon. Joyce Nangula Namuhuja who took over from Nic Kruger. 



Schools & Clinics in Windhoek East Constituency

  • 1) : Seventy (17) Schools
    • Delta Primary School
    • Delta Secondary School
    • St Georges Diocesan School
    • St. Pauls College (Primary)
    • St. Pauls College ( High School)
    • Windhoek Gymnasium ( Primary School)
    • Windhoek Gymnasium ( High School)
    • Dagbreek Special School
    • Eros Girls School
    • Eros Primary School
    • Suiderhof  Primary School
    • Centaurus High School
    • Windhoek High School
    • DHPS( Deutsche Hohere Privatschule)
    • Holy Cross Convent Primary
    • Waldorf School
    • Windhoek Afrikaans Private Schooll
  • 2): The are 3 Clinics/Hospitals
    • Robert Mugabe Clinic
    • Medi Clinic
    • Lady Pohamba Private Hospita 
Councillor of Windhoek East Constituency

         Hon. Joyce Nangula Namuhuja
         Windhoek East Constituency Councillor
         Council member & Member of National Council

Windhoek East  

Windhoek East constituency (yellow) in the Khomas Region (dark grey)