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               Title/Description Date Advertised Closing Date Closing Time     Status  Downloads   
Provision Of Spring Cleaning: KHomas Regional council head Office 11/10/2021 18/10/2021 12H00 Closed NCS/RFQ/KRC-07/2021/20222
Renovation Of Katutura East Constituency Office 30/09/2021 29/10/2021 12H00 Open W/RQF/KRC-03/2021/2022
Supply of Stationary and Materials for the national Examination 24/08/2021 03/09/2021 12H00 Closed GRFQ/KRC/DOEAC-05/2021/2022
Procurement of Office Stationary 24/08/2021 03/09/2021 12H00 Closed G/RFQ/KRC/DOEAC-11/2021/2022
Procurement of HP Computer, HP Printer and HP Laptops 24/08/2021 03/09/2021 12H00 Closed G/RFQ/KRC/DOEAC-10/2021/2022
Supply and Delivery of 10 Laptops and IT Related Items 03/08/2021 16/08/2021 12H00 Closed G/RFQ/KRC-06/2021/22
The Provision of Drafting Information Technology Framework 20/05/2021 30/06/2021 12H00 Closed SC/RP/KRC-01/2021/22
Renovation of Windhoek West Constituency Office 20/05/2021 09/06/2021 12H00 Closed W/RFQ/KRC-01/2021/22


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   Title/Description  Downloads 
Provision of Refuse Removal Services from School, Hostel and Educational Institutions for Khomas Regional Council: Directorate of Education, Arts and Culture premises for three (3) years in Khomas region. Procurement Reference Number NCS/ONB/KRC/DOEAC-01/2020/2023 NCS/ONB/KRC/DOEAC-102020/2023
Supply and Delivery Of Cleaning Materials to Khomas Regional Council for two (2) years. Procurement Reference Number G/ONB/KRC-02/2020/2021 G/ONB/KRC-02/2020/2021

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